"A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers"

A Brief History

For the last 25 years "The Genie" has applied his expertise and intuition for the practical applications of Essential Oils and their powerful benefits for the body and the mind.

After learning about the healing power of plants, Eugene devoted his time in the late 70's practicing phytotherapy, and creating various herbal tea blends.

Grew and harvested a wide varietyof organic produce, herbs, and flowers while emphasizing on the sustainability of local native plants.

Started in 1996 from humble beginnings carrying only a few essential oils.

Now offers a wide range of Pure Essential Oils of the highest quality available on the market, including Certified Organic E.O.

Created a variety of "Holistic Blends", including "Pain's Gone" a Vegan topical pain relief, and "Thieves Spirit" a unique and powerful amalgamation of organicE.O. based on an ancient recipe.