A Brief History

After spending a few years studying herbalism, learning about the healing power of plants, "The Genie" decided to explore the world of Essential Oils and started to acquire some of the knowledge, accumulated over the centuries, associated with these oils and their powerful benefits.

Devoted his time in the late 70's practicing phytotherapy,  selling herbal mixtures while living in Quebec's Eastern township region.

In the early 90's, growing and harvesting a wide range of organic herbs, produce, flowers  while emphasizing the sustainability of local native plants in his garden.

Started in 1996 from humble beginnings carrying only a few essential oils.

(Photo taken in 2001 at a fair in B.C.)

Now offers an immense variety of Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, along uniquely crafted Blends.

"A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers"

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