The Holistic Spirit Blends

The Holistic Spirit Blends

A Synergy of Pure Essential Oils designed into uniquely crafted blends


  • A wild bouquet of Amyris, Cassia, Jamarosa interlaced with elusive tones of Elemi, Cistus and Rosewood.


  • Uplifting blend of Tansy Blue, Ylang Ylang and Orange with a hint of Patchouli and Tangerine


  • A deep amalgamation of Himalayan Cedar, Vetiver, Amber and Frankincense.


  • A luxurious blend of Damask Rose, Styrax, Rock Rose laid on a bed of Amyris and Petitgrain


  • Exotic floral tones of Geranium, Rose, Howood highlighted by  aromas of other precious oils


  • A mysterious bouquet of Cananga, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium crowned by other hypnoticprecious oils.


  • An enigmatic blend of Labdanum, Rose Geranium a hint of Vanilla intertwined with other precious oils.
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How do blends work?

  • The first impression is brought up by the top notes, with fresh, sharp, uplifting tones
  • The middle notes enhances the high notes with warm, soft, penetrating aromas, giving body to the blend
  • The base notes will carry and hold the blend for a long time by adding their deep and rich tones