• The Oils: Over 100 different Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils of the highest quality from Eco-Friendly suppliers. Emphasizing on sustainability and fair trade.
  • The Blends: "Holistic Spirit", line of uniquely crafted blends.
  • Pain's Gone: A natural and effective Vegan topical pain relief.
  • Thieves Spirit: A powerful antibacterial. .

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Genie in a Bottle's products are still available, simply download the retail price list below (5/8dr to 30 ml then message via 

the "Contact" page or email genieinabottle@shaw.ca Thank you for your patience. Contact us for bulk size price list (60 ml to 1 kg.)

GIB-Essential Oils-Retail-5-30ml-Sept-16.pdf GIB-Essential Oils-Retail-5-30ml-Sept-16.pdf
Size : 322.29 Kb
Type : pdf
GIB-Holistic Spirit Blends-Sept-17.pdf GIB-Holistic Spirit Blends-Sept-17.pdf
Size : 235.18 Kb
Type : pdf
GIB-Pains' Gone_June-17.pdf GIB-Pains' Gone_June-17.pdf
Size : 125.235 Kb
Type : pdf
GIB-Holistic Blend-Thieves Spirit-Nov-2016.pdf GIB-Holistic Blend-Thieves Spirit-Nov-2016.pdf
Size : 197.542 Kb
Type : pdf

Celebrating our 20th anniversary!

A heartfelt Thank You to the numerous costumers and friends for your devoted support.

Have a Heavenly Scented Day!